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Escape from Requiem has been scrapped because of money shortages…I have none.
Bitch …Bitch …Bitch…Whine…Bitch.
Ok I'm done with that. Now in between my running around trying to save my life before it gurgles slowly and painfully down into oblivion, I've done a few models.
Another piece from Shirows " The Ghost in the Shell ", a sub machine gun that is housed inside a briefcase.
Very cool.
More in the portfolio.

Well it's been some time since my last update, and I'm sorry to disappoint, but there isn't a whole lot of new material to show at the moment. But here are a few Works in progress renders as usual. Check the Portfolio section. Also I've updated the way images are viewed in the portfolio, until now they have just been thumbnails or random test renders, now they are all categorized into projects with some run downs on my thoughts and the design so far on the model.
Some new links aswell.


A bit of a site update , an intro page aswell as a few little edits.
I've also uploaded some head pics for a character in Escape from Requiem.Nightvision goggles and without , I cant deciede..maybe both.check the Portfolio Section.
I have no idea..thats it , I'm going back to bed.

I have started a portfolio piece called " Escape from Requiem ", although it wont be a full time project I intend put a considerable amount of time into the animation, which will run for around 2-3 minutes. I'm doing this primarily to add stock to my uncompleted demo reel and to tackle some areas in 3d of which I'm interested in and like to work on , such as indoor water effects, realistic destruction of buildings, indoor environments and cinematic camera techniques and lighting.

More Soon

I feel like I should work on my web page and gallery today because my flatmate put together a great site , in one night without almost any experience at all. Ha Ha The bastard.
This is the Waywatchers of Norrath , a guild on Everquest.If your such inclined to EQ you should pay a visit and check it out.

Well, After many hours and many many cups of coffee this little half-completed website has gone LIVE!

At the moment, the Portfolio sections of the site aren't very full. But with time they will be updated on a regular basis. Fear not, as I have put some old images up for your viewing pleasure. As well as filling space, I'd also love some feedback on these images.
More images coming soon ..Lots more.